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Trail Dog Treats
Home-based pet bakery offering a variety of healthy treats for your dog.
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Owner(s) / Founder(s): Holly Johnson
Established: Sep 1, 2019
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Online)
The 411
Trail Dog Treats was founded in 2019 by Holly, an animal lover who wanted to make treats for both cats and dogs. Her love for her pets is what inspired her to start the business, where she provides high-quality natural treats that supports and enrich the good health of our pets’ lives.
Know their Story
Pet parents know that their dog's health and well-being are of paramount importance. When it comes to treats, Holly's passion for baking led her to craft a delightful collection of cookies, snacks, and other delicacies for both dogs and cats.
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Making an Impact
Holly took her love of animals further than fostering dogs. She volunteered at animal rescues and even did fundraising for foster puppies.
Keepin' it Fun
Holly knows that no matter where she goes, there is always a trail waiting to be explored and adventures to be had. She loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking with her husband and their dogs.

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