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Driving Growth for Local Businesses

Rally the Locals is a platform that showcases local businesses on a meaningful level. We share stories, highlight the impact they've made in the community and allow customers to know the people behind the products and services they enjoy.

We drive growth by fostering meaningful connections between local businesses and consumers.

Rally the Locals

When we Rally together, we can do more than we could ever imagine

“Support Local”

Supporting local businesses goes beyond spending a dollar. We continuously educate and share insights into local businesses like no other platform or service on the market today.


By having a stronger connection to local businesses, we know “support” no longer needs to be reminded. Support will become an intuition, whether through word of mouth, exchanging stories of local businesses, or buying local, it can truly make a positive difference for our local businesses to thrive.



Know the people and families behind your favourite local business.



Love what drives local businesses every single day.



And be proud of community that continues to prosper because of our local business successes.

We Support Local
Businesses Like No Other


We Tell
Your Story

Your business is unique, and we know there's a story to tell. Let us help you do that by sharing it on our platform, so everyone gets to know you better!

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We Make
Exciting Content

Whether it's a poster, videos, images, or any eye-catching visual, let our International team create content that excites you. We'll help build an impressive online presence!

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We Always
Support You

Don't have time or energy to build your online presence? Need help with a website? Trying to setup an online store? Need someone to vent to? No worries, we know the struggle is real, and our team wants to make sure you succeed.

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I continue to get asked, "What's in it for you? Why spend all the time, resourcing, and money on helping local businesses and get little in return?"

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My simple
response is always:

“Because we live in a North American society that prioritizes the “what's-in-it-for-me” and “I-want-it-now” cultures. We've lost sight of what's foundational to everything successful in life, and that's people. I want to prioritize people, and when we do, we get to know their passions, their character, and who they truly are. That in itself, creates a long lasting connection that has a profound value that can't be quantified.

That is the inherent reason why Rally the Locals exists. Help others, build a community that matters, and we'll intuitively make one another thrive.“

- Chris Hoquis (Founder, Rally the Locals)

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