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About Us
Competition is great, but communities and working together are better.
Our Founder (Chris Hoquis) talks about what Rally the Locals is all about, their foundational values and his long term vision of how to truly promote local economic sustainability.
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Mission Statement
To drive growth for local businesses through meaningful connections, storytelling, knowledge exchange and community building.
Vision Statement
To foster impactful relationships between customers and businesses owners that creates local economic sustainability. A place where business owners create genuine connections, collaborate with one another and contribute to mutual successes.
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Core Values
With the recent pandemic that has hit everyone hard, our local businesses have all shown resilience in the face of uncertainty and fear. Our strengths are continuously demonstrated through our adaptability, being open to change, and honing in on.
We pride ourselves in our continuous efforts to always innovate. Local businesses don't always get attention or have their value propositions clearly communicated. Our innovative mindset helps keep us optimistic and excited to work with businesses to help elevate their growth in any way that we can.
People always come first. How we drive value to customers and local businesses remains our utmost priority.
We have a relentless drive to create local economic sustainability through the successes and growth of businesses in the community. To foster this, we not only provide business support, but we aim to bridge gaps between local businesses by creating opportunities to stay connected and meet at a regular cadence.

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