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Shrugging Doctor Beverage Company
Proud producer of wine, sangria, cider, spirits, mead, and other alcoholic beverages.
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Owner(s) / Founder(s): Willows Christopher, Zach Isaacs
Established: Jan 27, 2017
483 Berry St. (Wpg, MB)
(204) 889-0318
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The 411
Willows shares the fun behind creating a winery that stemmed from an entertaining night out with friends.
Know their Story
What started as a small project at home, became a notorious winery in the province.
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Making an Impact
Meeting people and creating uniqur drinks that aligns with a variety of preferences is something that Shrugging Doctor Beverage Company is really proud of.
Keepin' it Fun
Willows’s always had a passion for entrepreneurs and bringing ideas into fruition.

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