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Rika Cheese Garden
A brother and sister duo who are passionate about baking, specializing in Japanese Fluffy Cheesecakes.
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Owner(s) / Founder(s): Poy Riankasemsakul
Established: Sep 16, 2020
1079 Autumnwood Dr. (Wpg, MB)
(204) 256-5286
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The 411
Poy quickly realized how big of an opportunity it was to share his love for Japanese cheesecakes in Winnipeg, quickly becoming a fan favourite.
Know their Story
From a passion, to at-home creations, to being shut down by a food inspector, it's been an absolute rollercoaster ride to bring the business to where it is today.
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Making an Impact
It was so refreshing to hear that Poy was so conscious about those with specific nutritional needs, creating more opportunities for those that can't have gluten still have access to a delectable cheesecake!
Keepin' it Fun
Free time is limited for Poy, but whenever he has the chance, keeping an active lifestyle through table tennis, snowboarding and participating in sports is where he has his fun!

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