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Art and home decor
Potted plants with funny and witty puns.
Meet the Team
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Owner(s) / Founder(s): Mary Horbas
Established: Mar 1, 2020
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Online)
(204) 293-7742
The 411
Mary is a plant-lover at heart, and loves a good pun; Combine the two together, and you have a unique business venture in Potted.
Know their Story
Potted has been a huge source of therapy and a source of resilience, through the many connections she has made along the way.
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Making an Impact
A mental wellness advocate, Mary continuously supports the community through various wellness initiatives and continuously socializing that supporting local truly goes along way; Whether it’s sharing stories with one another, advocating for a local business' products/services, anything that brings two or more people together is impactful and something that Mary strives to do regularly.
Keepin' it Fun
Mary adores Mariah Carey; Catch her at your local karaoke bar singing anything and everything by Mariah Carey.

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