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Optimus Gear
Design and manufacturer of high quality innovative pet products.
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Owner(s) / Founder(s): Gordon Templeton
Established: Aug 19, 2019
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Online)
(431) 293-4327
The 411
Gordon's engineering savviness, passion, and his Chocolate Labrador Retriever (Nala) led to the innovative creation of safety harnesses for pets.
Know their Story
A scary incident while driving with Gordon's Chocolate Labrador Retriever Nala, led to the exciting journey of creating a safety harness that could adapt for all pets.
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Making an Impact
The relentless commitment that Gordon had for creating safety harnesses for pets, led to customers that shared the same challenges of keeping their pets safe in vehicles. To be able to address those challenges, while also spending time at dog shelters to encourage adoption speakers wonders about Optimus Gear and their character.
Keepin' it Fun
From Scuba diving, meditation and hiking to music, martial arts and plenty of family time is a way to find balance, joy and happiness at Optimus Gear!

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