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Manitoba Elite Boxing Team
Manitoba Elite Boxing Team Head Coaches Kent Brown and Brandt Butt are committed to teach the art of boxing to anyone willing to take the challenge.
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Owner(s) / Founder(s): Brandt Butt, Kent Brown
Established: Jan 1, 2022
United Boxing, 5-201 Scott St. (Wpg, MB)
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The 411
After his local gym Stingers Boxing Academic shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Brandt Butt reached out to Kent Brown about the prospect of partnering together to ramp up and scale a serious competitive boxing team. Both competitive national champions, both Brandt and Kent rebranded the United Boxing competitive team into Manitoba Elite Boxing to create a serious program to get local athletes to an elite level.
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Coach Kent Brown took up boxing for the love of the sport and admiration of Muhammad Ali, while Coach Brandt Butt began boxing to stay conditioned for competitive soccer and soon realized that he had a passion for the sport.
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Making an Impact
Boxing can also be beneficial in many aspects of life. For coaches Brandt and Kent, discipline is at the top of that list. They support their community by teaching young athletes how to learn discipline and respect in and outside of the boxing ring.
Keepin' it Fun
Both believe that family is the most important thing in life. It gives us love and support, keeps us grounded and pushes us to be more than we think we can be. It’s why coaches Kent and Brandt always spend their quality time with their family.

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