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Lennard Taylor Design
A boutique fashion house that designs, produces, and offers high-quality, fashion-forward clothing.
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Owner(s) / Founder(s): Lennard Taylor
Established: May 1, 2015

Multiple Locations

(204) 272-9112
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Lennard is passionate about making clothing that excite people that is truly representative of one's style, personality, and character!
Know their Story
After suffering a knee injury that ended his University soccer career, Lennard stumbled into fashion by chance and wanted others to feel as good as he did when he tried on clothes from prestigious stores.
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Making an Impact
It's absolutely admirable how driven Lennard is to transform the textile industry through educating others and employing sustainable practices for longer life spans of clothing developed.
Keepin' it Fun
Meditation, stretch, Qigong, and an active lifestyle is so key in keeping a balance throughout the days!

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