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La Crêperie Ker Breizh
Athentic French crêperie & pâtisserie.
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Owner(s) / Founder(s): Yvonnick Le Lorec, Ketty Pichaud
Established: Jun 1, 2018

Multiple Locations

(204) 221-4141
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The 411
Welp, we also thought it was traditionally a dessert, but we were absolutely wrong! So cool how we learned about the origins of crêpes in our chat with La Crêperie Ker Breizh.
Know their Story
What a beautiful journey from Brittany, France to Winnipeg that Ketty and Yvonnick made. We absolutely adore the authentic French culture and crêpes that they've blessed our local city with.
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Making an Impact
The cultural impact and paradigm shift that La Crêperie Ker Breizh has made upon the city is huge. Crêpes are not just a dessert, they represent authentic French culture that values local, quality ingredients that bring so much flavour to life.
Keepin' it Fun
La Crêperie Ker Breizh keeps it fun by spicing up your traditional crêpes into something so much more. Sharing knowledge and wisdom about the history of the crêpe always brings joy to Yvonnick, especially when customers are so pleasantly surprised with its flavourful tastes.

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