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Kaye's Muesli Mix
Food & Beverage
Nutritious and delicious treats!
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Owner(s) / Founder(s): Titania Kayes
Established: Jun 17, 2021
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Online)
The 411
Founded in 2021, Kaye's Muesli Mix was created by Kaye, an adventure-lover. She wanted to create an easy-to-make, healthy mix of oats and nuts and seeds that she could take on her travels. After perfecting a recipe that combined just the right amount of sweetness with enough crunch, she decided to share it with other people who love packing light, staying active and getting outdoors.
Know their Story
It took Kaye some time to figure out the right proportions and mix of ingredients, but eventually she created the perfect combination. Soon, she was mixing up muesli for everyone!
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Making an Impact
In many ways, Kaye views the other business owners she works with as part of her extended family. They are a tightly-knit community and love helping one another out when they can.
Keepin' it Fun
Kaye loves to read and has a large collection of books at home. She also enjoys cooking and growing house plants.

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