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JVY Candles Co.
Art and home decor
Clean and joyful non-toxic scented candles
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Owner(s) / Founder(s): Jeshveenia Kaur
Established: Apr 4, 2022
1023 Wilkes Ave. (Wpg, MB)
(204) 915-7916
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The 411
Jeshveenia was born in Malaysia and moved to Canada at the age of eight with her family. Her passion for making candles was sparked when she walked by local candle stores and bought candles for her room.
Know their Story
Scents from the past are priceless, especially the feeling and memory of her grandmother's Avon powder, which is what also inspired her to start making candles.
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Making an Impact
Everyone has a talent and everyone has something to offer. Jeshveenia is an example of someone who took her love of candle-making and learned how to share them with the world in an affordable and environmentally friendly way.
Keepin' it Fun
It's important to spend time alone and recharge. Jeshveenia enjoys spending time in her room with candles, just relaxing with a cup of tea. She also enjoys cooking while spending time with her family.

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