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Inka Warriors Dance Group
Dance studio
A passionate collective of dancers dedicated to celebrating the rich culture of Perú.
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Owner(s) / Founder(s): Alexandra Mojorovich, Ana La Rosa
Established: Jul 1, 2023
Winnipeg, Manitoba
(204) 558-4828
The 411
It only took a couple of friends from Peru to connect and share the same desire to bring Peruvian dance culture to Winnipeg, sharing the deep roots of Marinera.
Know their Story
It's abundantly clear how much passion the Inka Warriors dance group have, and its deep family traditions that holds true in the unique dance style of Marinera.
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Making an Impact
By sharing the traditional cultures of Peru, the Inka Warriors dance group hope to leave a lasting impact of compassion, strength and resiliency towards all people they encounter.
Keepin' it Fun
Despite being simple pleasures in life, family time, alone time to curl up and watch a movie, and of course dance are some of the things that bring them an abundance of joy.

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