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Hair By Are Studio
Hair salon
A cozy and comfortable hair studio
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Owner(s) / Founder(s): Aremy Dorantes
Established: Feb 1, 2022
775 St Mary's Rd #2 (Wpg, MB)
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The 411
Hair By Are Studio was founded by Aremy, back in February 2022. After working in a salon for almost five years, it was time for her to go on her own journey. She first started renting a chair in another salon, and now she’s grown into having a studio!
Know their Story
Being a hairstylist is not easy. Aremy took on apprenticeships, attended hair schooling, and passed a number of exams to obtain her license as a professional hairstylist. With her own hair salon, she's thriving and meeting a ton of new clientele.
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Making an Impact
Aremy loves meeting new people and learning about their days. Creating relationships and meaningful connections makes it all worth the while.
Keepin' it Fun
Aremy likes to keep her mind and body healthy by going to the gym, regularly walking her dog, and enjoys outdoor activities.

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