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GoodBuds Catering
Food and catering
Dynamic catering service specializing in bridal parties, corporate events, festivals, or in-home dining.
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Owner(s) / Founder(s): Jonathan Rahim, Jeremy Hakim, Amanda Rahim
Established: Apr 1, 2018
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Online)
(204) 260-9566
The 411
There is never a shortage of creativity at GoodBuds Catering; they’ve explored so many different types of cuisines during their global travels!
Know their Story
From notoriety on a famed TV show, to a side hustle, and now to a full blown catering business, the journey of GoodBuds Catering has been nothing short of adventurous and rewarding.
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Making an Impact
We love the conscious efforts that GoodBuds Catering has when it comes to their catering; always focusing on some local aspect, whether its a venue, service, or ingredients they use, representing all things local has always been a constant.
Keepin' it Fun
From travel and doggy time, to renovation projects at home and spending quality spouse time, these are the moments that Amanda looks forward to away from the business.

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