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Clever Curations
Art and home decor
Beautiful personalized gifts and baskets for all occasions.
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Owner(s) / Founder(s): Samantha Markewich
Established: Dec 10, 2021
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Online)
The 411
Curating gift baskets for all occasions, now specializing in baby gift baskets, Samantha has always had a niche ability to put together gifts that always excites.
Know their Story
Samantha's friends would always endorse how skilled she was in putting together the best gift baskets for friends, which eventually turned into a business.
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Making an Impact
Samantha has always been passionate about create meaningful relationships with local business owners.
Keepin' it Fun
Downtime isn't that common, but anything to do with family or her dogs are some of the greatest joys that she gets out of life.

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