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Burrito Splendido
Quick, fresh and casual Mexican Food with meats, tortillas, flour and most vegetables locally sourced in Manitoba.
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Owner(s) / Founder(s): Dany, Rose
Established: Nov 12, 2012

Multiple Locations

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The 411
Jarod and Ken, being great friends, decided to kickstart the burrito business that we all enjoy today.
Know their Story
Jarod has always been committed and an advocate for always using fresh and local ingredients in all of the food he cooks.
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Making an Impact
When we spoke with Jarod, there has always been a commitment to creating quality made food that tastes great for everyone to enjoy.
Keepin' it Fun
From hiking and being out in nature, to Netflix and a good book, Jarod finds a perfect work life balance in these simple life pleasures.

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