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Blessun Leather
From bags and wallets to belts and accessories, Blessun Leather creates a wide range of leather goods for both men and women that are fashion-forward and timeless.
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Owner(s) / Founder(s): Laura & Jorge Jaimes, Mayra & Walter Fernandez
Established: Sep 18, 2023
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Online)
(204) 881-0243
The 411
A power couple from Colombia, Mayra and Walter started their business to create leather accessories and products that create an identity of style, longevity and high quality creations.
Know their Story
Mayra and Walter started with a vision to bring a piece of home (Colombia) to Canada, while creating job opportunities for those back home in the production process of their products.
Media Gallery
Making an Impact
Mayra shares how important it is to emphasize customer experience, and creating lasting engagement with people she gets to meet.
Keepin' it Fun
If it came down to it, bringing 3 things while stranded on an island, Mayra didn't hesitate to bring fellow Co-founder and husband Walter; and of course a phone to take pictures of the whole experience!

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