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Bake With Bea
Asian inspired gourmet soft baked cookies and garlic cream cheese buns.
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Owner(s) / Founder(s): Bea Laya
Established: Feb 5, 2021
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Online)
The 411
Bake with Bea was founded in 2021. Bea has always been drawn to the art of baking. Her inspiration for her baked goods comes from the travels she has made around the world and also locally in Winnipeg.
Know their Story
Baking has always been a stress reliever and happy place for Bea, and it became a natural fit to turn into her own business venture.
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Making an Impact
Bea finds inspiration in the kindness and camaraderie among fellow entrepreneurs. She loves that even though they all run different businesses, there’s a real sense of community among them.
Keepin' it Fun
Bea is a tonic for the soul. Her positive attitude, warm demeanor, and infectious laughter will fill your day with delight. She loves to eat. She also enjoys hiking, skating, and taking walks around the neighborhood.

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