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Aureus Elite
Fitness coaching
Aureus Elite is managed by wellness coach Joseph Aureus. He provides fitness programs that help people achieve optimal shape.
Meet the Team
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Owner(s) / Founder(s): Joseph Aureus
Established: Oct 1, 2017
Toronto, Ontario (Online)
(416) 605-2897
The 411
Aureus Elite guides people through their fitness journey with programs such as custom workouts, meal plans, virtual training, and access to Aureus Elite apps. Coach Joseph Aureus tailors all of his programs for every client. His goal is always to encourage meaningful change in peoples' lives and be a better version of themselves physically and mentally.
Know their Story
Joseph's road to Aureus Elite was not easy. A personal setback in medical school, led him into trials and tribulations that eventually led him to his journey of resilience and entrepreneurship.
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Making an Impact
Joseph has been driven to elevate his clients' confidence throughout all of his tailored programming and training.
Keepin' it Fun
Have you heard of Castaway? If Coach Joseph were ever stranded on an island, this is what he might do.

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